A Bluefin tuna swirls in the depths of the ocean and whistle-blowers and daydreamers share wine. A gang of Kimono-clad women prepare for an event. Another group mingle at an oyster bar… in the Jungle?? What is the connection between Stacey Nichol’s curious scenarios, each a moment captured in time? Like film stills across genres, unexpected elements in each painting propel the story forward, though we’re not sure exactly where we will end up. Nichol doesn’t want to tell you about her work. Instead, she strives to create mystery within the narratives of her paintings, and prefers the viewer to bring their unique perspective to extract meaning from these suspended realities. Stacey is a self-taught artist from New Brunswick and this is her first solo exhibition. Her over-sized works are bold in colour and reveal technical mastery in light, tone and brushwork.