East Gallery: The paintings of outsider artist Rafa Macarrón (Madrid) involve scenarios of anthropomorphic creatures carrying out a regime of mundane activities (smoking, showering, walking the dog). Disproportioned figures with soft floppy heads and long insect-like appendages pulse with acid colour in floating geometric spaces. The magic realism of Macarrón's canvases arise from both his interest in the pure lines of modernist architecture and the playfulness of carnival performance.
West Gallery: Horacio Sapere (Mallorca) also offers escapism from the banal. His paintings pay tribute to a cultural iconography of the mundane, portraying recognizable, everyday objects in vivid colour. In his most recent Pink Series, there is a consistent theme of travel and movement as stairs, telephone poles and train tracks playfully circle each other. Through décollage, Sapere compartmentalizes his canvases in seemingly spontaneous quadrants which aid in understanding these objects in their simplicity. The viewer can also read the divided spaces as the calculated detachment of these objects from their normalized functionality.