According to artist Mitchell Clark Meller, his new exhibition Lamb (Scarecrow Redux) is 'a commentary on the current state of things'. Neo-expressionist in style, Meller's work is filled with emotion and energy, and totally devoid of any formal constraints. Through painting, sculpture, illustration and collage, this multidisciplinary artist is primarily concerned with process, as he contemplates consumerism, authoritarianism and the State. A self-taught Outsider artist, Meller claims he has an ‘overactive brain’, which translates into layers of acrylics, pastels, pencil, household paint, and glaze on canvas. Each work of art captures his mind’s fleeting thoughts, offering the artist’s unique vision of the world through large, abstracted canvases and multi-dimensional portraiture. The resulting artworks are subconscious narratives of discontentment and critique, mockery and playfulness, or just the simplicity of being.