Other Self  is the cumulative thesis exhibition of Michelle MacKinnon, currently a Master of Fine Arts candidate at York University (2015). MacKinnon has continued her practice in various residencies including the State Hermitage Residency in St. Petersburg, Russia, The Banff Centre and Spark Box Studios. She has exhibited in various galleries across Canada and Russia, and has twice been awarded the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant for Emerging International Artists, the Nan Yeomans Grant for Emerging Artists, a BMO FirstArt Nomination, as well as various awards and honours.  

I relate deeply to the experience of quiet, where nothing must be said, but can be understood through the respectful regard for another. Quietness occurs when the absence of words presents the opportunity to simply look. A communicative moment takes place in the absence of verbal response, yet yields and encourages the act of self-reflection. The relationship between these moments of introspective quietness and looking exist to me as the key elements in the respectful regard between self and other. Through large-scale drawings in powdered graphite on paper, the series Other Self depicts the people in my life with whom I am closest and whom I feel currently represent who I am: a portrait of myself through others.