‘Closed for the Season’ is a visual exploration of my time doing an artist’s residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point on the Toronto Islands. I arrived from South Africa in mid-October at a time when the Island was just starting to shut down for the season. At home in Cape Town, our seasonal changes aren’t as obvious and I have loved watching and feeling the transition happening around me here. It is especially obvious on the Island where it is clear that a summer has just happened here: closed amusement parks, empty pools, abandoned beach balls, a lost flip-flop. I decided to use the ‘ghosts of summer past’ as my point of departure for this body of work and have collected visual references from my adventures around the Island and the city over the past few weeks. As always in my work, the themes are as varied as the weather and my mood, and range from skinny-dipping to sunsets, sailboats and shindigs.

- Kirsten Sims, October 2018