Karen Kawarsky's second solo exhibition with the gallery, she s known for her bold palettes and rich impasto texture. Karen's new work is an evolving process using oils and acrylics on found barn board as she continues to experiment with non-traditional tools. The uniqueness of the raw barn board propels each painting in a new direction, inspiring spontaneous choice of colour and texture. With this exhibition, Kawarsky seeks to achieve a sense of familiarity with our surroundings, provoking a discussion between the shapes and images expressed in each painting and our need to find truth and meaning in what we know and feel is real. It's a personal process for Kawarsky. "It looks the same", is a concept inspired by her 3 year-old son, who is continually trying to define and identify with his surroundings. In an exploration of clarity, Karen examines her own experience.
“Clarity is always hidden underneath all the layers of confusion. We tend to get tangled in a web of misunderstood meaning and over-analyzed thought. But the complexity of trying to break down truth and meaning can, at times, be solved by digesting something for simply what it is and nothing more. Sometimes, the perspective of a child can help you remember.” - KK
Karen Kawarsky has been creating abstract paintings for over 10 years. She is self-taught and has exhibited in numerous Canadian galleries and Art Fairs.  Over the years, her paintings have developed through different techniques and styles that involved fresco applications, to now a more traditional impasto approach of painting with oils and acrylics on found barn board.
"I find it exciting to unfold the story of each painting as I mix paints together and experiment with unconventional tools that would not commonly be considered. I strive to emphasize natural elements seen in everyday materials with the use of weathered wood, all the while playing with light, dimension and rich textures. The end result is rustic, raw and filled with vibrant emotion." -KK