Altered Perspectives is the newest body of work by photographer Anthony Macri, as part of his on-going investigation of the transforming landscape of North American culture. In the tradition of Hiroshi Sujimoto, the texture and contrast of the photograph are used to imprint an image of decaying, industrial archeology. Photographing abandoned factories, oil refineries, airports, cityscapes and rugged expanses altered by its occupants, these black and white photographs represent the disregarded conduct of North American transformation as it endures economic strife and societal shifts. Macri realizes the imprint of civilization and its impact on the landscape through beautifully toned lith prints that give new life to otherwise forgotten places. Graveyards of cars, vacuum cleaners and aircrafts attest to our temporal lifestyle and its sustainability, depicting altered perspectives of both familiar and not so familiar surroundings. This collection of photographs exhumes skeletons of eras passed, in an ecological survey of the landscape scarred by the passage of mankind.