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Artist Statement: cell structures began while in residence on Toronto Island where I was surrounded by the great expanse of Lake Ontario and a variety of grey tone patterns in the sand. Taking cue directly from these elements, I adapted the Japanese Suminagashi technique wherein a drawing is created by working with sumi ink while it floats on water. Sumi ink is made of ash and soot mixed with a vegetable binder. I liked the idea of working with the combined elements of water and fire, through its ash residue. The process, while simple, is delicate and extremely sensitive to the water temperature, any surrounding air current, state of mind and hand of the maker. As a result the drawing is expressive of a moment in time. Once the drawing is complete, I then selectively cut holes to create a play of shadow and light, volume and transparency. The works remind me of repeated patterns seen in life, from water bubbles to salt stains on the pavement to microscopic images of body tissue. I am reminded that water is a connective and fundamental source in all of life. Recipient of numerous grants, international residencies and exhibitions, Tania's work has been seen in public and commercial galleries, pop-up vitrines, in a greenhouse growing vegetables and design projects across the globe from her native Toronto and Ontario surrounds, to New York, NY, Lauris France, Bialystok Poland, Tokyo Japan and Baroda India. Upcoming in January - March 2017, her installation work can be seen in the Toronto Offsite Design Festival’s “Living Well” exhibition at Craft Ontario Gallery.