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Rafa Macarrón (Madrid 1981) is an ex-cycler, trained physio-therapist and self-taught artist. Through his colourful palettes and pseudo-cosmic narratives, Macarrón attempts to capture the world's innocence, and the beauty and surprise of everyday life. The exhibition, which comprises both paintings and mini sculptural installations, explores three-dimensional space, and a recurring theme of observation. There's an undeniable presence of space in his work. The figures seem isolated, often observing their own surroundings through windows or other tableaux. 'I'm obsessed with the solitude of humans before the immensity of the universe. Sometimes, I create groups with a figure observing from a distance. I'm interested in people and give a soul and personality to my characters. Just like in the real world, each is like the other but always distinct. Each has their peculiarities: thoughts, expressions, vices... That's something I'm really interested in: creating unique beings.' The shadowbox sculptural installations are done in collaboration with Rafa's brother, architect Gerardo Macarrón. Rafa Macarrón has been exhibiting since 2006 in galleries across Spain and Portugal, as well as international art fairs such as Art Madrid, Art India and Scope Basel, Switzerland. This is Rafa's first Canadian solo exhibition. June 28 - September 21, 2013.

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