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Patrick Lajoie is a Caledon-based multidisciplinary artist whose career encompasses his two passions of fine art photography and furniture making. Through his photographic work Patrick seeks to explore themes of colour and light as well as the emotions sparked by nostalgia and remembrance. In his image transfer series, the subtle influence of Patrick's other discipline can be seen in his use of wood as a base for each work – if one looks carefully at the paler areas of the transferred image the delicate wood grain underneath becomes apparent. Patrick studied fine art at OCAD. His photographic works are held in private collections across Canada and the United States.

Artist Process: I create each of my photographic art works using a process known as image transfer. I start each work with a professional quality archival print of one of my original images, which I then transfer by hand onto wood artist's panels. Essentially what this means is that I am getting the pigments to transfer from the print onto the wood surface of the panel so that what is left on the panel is just the pigments that make up the image. Because this process is unpredictable and the image never transfers perfectly, each one I make has a unique set of subtle imperfections, mostly around the edges, that give the work a slightly distressed or vintage look but also means that no two pieces are exactly alike. In addition, because the paler areas of colour are somewhat transparent the unique birch wood grain of each panel subtly shows through, giving each image a slightly organic look as well as a golden cast from the wood’s colour. The overall effect gives each finished piece an almost painterly feel. I finish each work by brushing on an artist’s wax sealer, which I hand-buff once dry for a soft, burnished sheen. Each of my photographic art works is a signed and numbered limited edition.