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As a self-taught Outsider artist from Toronto, Mitchell’s talent is intuitive, and his paintings spring from an authentic need for expression. In hard times, he discovered a dedication to painting through which he was able to overcome his obstacles. Working in a variety of media in a bold and self-defined style, the artist’s larger works begin as vast, abstracted canvases that act as "theatre-like" venues, unveiling narratives of semi-figurative actions, improbable scenarios and inordinate scripts. The resulting artworks on exhibit offer the artist's unique vision of the world through narratives of discontentment and critique, mockery and playfulness, or just the simplicity of being. From Mitchell’s portrait series emerge undefined sequences of features, allowing the viewer to add and remove what we need to rationalize our perceptions. The scarred foundation of the portraits use ground and discarded art supplies which lend the paintings a sculpted dimension, suggesting lips, noses and cheek bones while possessing no distinct features. We read these portraits as a plastic surgeon might see a face as a canvas for his craft.

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