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Michelle MacKinnon’s practice dwells on the (un)familiarities of home and what happens when its sentiment becomes disconnected, dislocated and ambiguous. She navigates the threshold of when commonplace becomes anomalous in her ongoing transient displacement; not being without a home, but rather the feeling when a traditional idea of home is suddenly dismantled.

She explores how one can be comforted by the notion of home when its conventional state is physically no longer present, how it can endure and evolve within people and objects, and its existence beyond spatial and temporal boundaries. What is left is an uncanny encounter with the once familiar and intimate, negotiated by interpretations and memories. The drawings, in their fragmented state, are intimately preserved to create a mapping of sorts – a rendering of the once familiar ­– drifting between the deconstruction and an adoration of things and people in an attempt to (re)familiarize and fit herself into a new understanding of what was, or still could be, home.