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Focusing on the intention or persona of an animal, Marjorie Campbell explores the possibilities of felt in a soft and gentle world where life is heightened and magic exists. As wool is pulled and forms are sculpted, alluring and complex worlds emerge, and the persona of the animal reveals itself.

Inanimate objects that conjure movement and possess intent are of interest to the artist. Campbell explains: “As I add wool and start to grow the structure, I have moments of seeing where the animal comes into focus, and brings stories with it. These stories are the seeds for the environments the animals live in: gathering places of gentleness and mystery.” Inspired by forest and fauna, her work is both realistic and whimsical, often incorporating found objects, cement, gold leaf or fabric to add an element of surprise. Campbell is primarily a self-taught sculptor, whose expertise is in wool, using both wet and needle-felting techniques. She has studied at the Toronto School of Art, learning sculpting techniques from several prominent instructors, and seeking out local master doll-makers and hand-workers to learn their techniques as well. She also has a background in theatre and dance. This is Marjorie’s first solo exhibition.

Press: Drake Blog: March 26, 2015 Elle Canada Blog: April 7, 2015