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Artist Statement: I really started painting and drawing in 1999. I had a big old easel my grandmother had given me, a small collection of antiquated oil paints and enough money to buy the cheapest of acrylics. I painted in small corners of bedrooms, empty guestrooms and on the rooftops of my different apartments over the years. When I finally lived alone, I set up my easel off the side of my kitchen behind the dining table. The table got moved to make space, and soon enough the easel seemed too small. I found more space to paint in the bedroom by throwing out the TV. I got rid of coffee tables and couches. I kept my bed in a corner. Home sweet home. I am a self-taught artist and I predominantly work large format oil paintings. The scale creates an impending doom that I can’t resist and the potential for chemical manipulation with oil never ceases to fascinate me. Most of my work is very messy by process and often messy in creation. This mess is a reaction to the fervent, compulsive thought that leads up to the subject of a given painting. I try to keep my work as instinctual as possible and never have a preconceived plan for the finished product. This is the luxury I give myself. The reward for all the angst and frustration along the creative path is the final surprise. Currently, I am working on a series of paintings based on protests and concerts. These works aim to address the vigor of social righteousness and the fundamental passion of the senses. These paintings characteristically incorporate dynamic brushwork and bold color fields with layers of drawn elements. Each of my paintings are about a single thought- magnified and exhaustively reflected upon- and the reaction those thoughts provoke. They are the tired marks and movements of obsessive-compulsive labor.