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Artist Statement: My current work continues my investigation of the relationship between painting and photography.  The works focus on the architecture and landscape of the no-man’s land between city and countryside.  The transition, dislocation and isolation that I experience driving through this sprawling landscape is used in the work as a metaphor for change and resulting broader feelings of anxiety and uncertainty that reflect our current collective psyche. The images are created and viewed from the vantage point of passenger driving through city outskirts.  These transitory zones, with their landscape of airports, hotels, frozen glimpses of anonymous industrial parks, interstitial fields, hydro towers and subdivisions all lead the passenger to uncertain destinations. Through this unattainable frozen viewpoint from which I experience these passing vistas, I attempt to reclaim these familiar landscapes I am exploring painting as a reductive process, removing information from the photographic image. I melt and wipe away extraneous bits of photographic information, until the final image is a distillation of what I consider to be the essence of this transitional landscape. In these works, the act of painting is used to control and alter the photographic image, and by extension, the landscape depicted within it.  These images are transformed into a new reality existing between both disciplines.