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Erin Vincent (1977) is a Toronto based-artist whose work draws on a variety of processes and media.  Vincent has always been fascinated by antiques and ephemera, which hold a huge significance and influence in her work. Erin is a graduate of the Fine Arts program at the University of Waterloo and received her degree in education from the University of Western Ontario.  She spent over four year’s abroad working, traveling and cultivating her artistic practice. Vincent exhibits her work locally and can be found in private collections in Canada, UK, France, U.S.A. and New Zealand. Artist Statement: Erin Vincent experiments with various art forms including assemblages, sculpture, painting, mixed media and collage with the intent of paying homage to the past and present.  Vincent edits the material culture of society, breathing life into debris and resurrecting materials that hold a particular significance to her. By reusing and re-contextualizing discarded family mementos, found objects and photographs, forgotten memories are reborn with new interpretation.  The appropriated images and objects are elevated to a fine art context in a gesture that simultaneously preserves and remakes personal histories.

Education: Qualified Teachers Status, Art, U.K University of Western, Honours B.Ed.  Art University of Waterloo, Honours B.A. Fine Arts

Grants and Awards: 2001, Best In Show, 2nd Michael Gibson Gallery 2000, 4th Year Printmaking Award 2000, Fine Arts Award 1999, Pat Hurley Memorial Award 1999, C.J. Mills Stone Lithography Award

Workshops: 2004, Grey Roots Cultural and Heritage Centre, Summer Program

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