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Eric Wang graduated from the University of Toronto in 2002 with a professional degree in architecture.  His work encompasses architecture, interiors, product design and digital media design. Wang has been featured in various international publications and has won several awards for his designs, most recently winning the coveted Red Dot Award. He has taught design at various universities and is the Principal, Designer & CEO at Simulacrumstudios Inc., a multidisciplinary design studio, 3D training and digital fabrication facility in Toronto. This is Eric’s first exhibition. Artist Statement: My work explores how the artist adapts technology to create and transmogrify a seemingly banal series of mathematical equations and procedures into something beautiful, in this case, a series of mathematical curvilinear free-form lines known as Non-Uniform Rational Bezier Splines (NURBS) which are strategically and algorithmically arranged into extremely complex patterns and then translated onto paper with a laser cutter.  Without the aid of digitally precise fabrication technology such as the Computer Assisted Design (CAD) and the laser cutter, the abstract complexity of these patterns could never be depicted in physical form in this manner.  This series of work also explores a very old and traditional art form from my heritage, Chinese Paper Cutting and serves to exemplify a modern reinterpretation of this intricate and meditative art.