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Anthea Baxter-Page (1976) has been surrounded by artists since her earliest memories. With a BA in Cultural Studies at McGill University, she spent six years assisting on video projects and photographing portraits in Montreal, as well as traveling abroad regularly, camera in hand. Upon her return to Toronto, Anthea assumed a three-year assistantship with Canadian photographer George Whiteside and began her career as an exhibiting artist in 2006. Her passion for photography is equal only to her love for travel, and the two have irrevocably fused. Collectors of Anthea’s work include editors, authors, agents, art directors, media executives and other creative people with good taste. 

Artist Statement: At heart, I am both a photojournalist and a visual artist. From the beginnings of my early practice, I have always been impressed with Henri Cartier-Bresson’s concept of ‘the decisive moment’, whereby the creative photographer arrives at visual determinations purely by intuition: in essence, practicing a certain discipline of being in the moment; of active observance and ‘seeing’ as a process of being openly receptive to the unfolding of a potential situation. Knowing the precise moment when to capture an image successfully imparts the complexities, dynamics and spirit of an interaction, emotion or setting and in turn, reveals this substance to the viewer of the image as a form of bearing witness. 

Press: She Does The City - Anthea Baxter-Page 

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