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"Abstractus’ method of work consists of a process of observation, analysis and "harvesting" of ideas, situations, scenarios and possibilities in different parts of the world; to reinterpret and finally create a piece of art… affecting as many people as we can, in a positive way to raise awareness about the impact of our own existence, [effectively making] a contribution by offering a place for contemplation, reflection and analysis".

For Abstractus, the process of creation is as much a work of art as the created object itself. A final canvas may have been conceived from a sculpture, public installation or performance piece, which is then photographed, painted over, etched out or recreated in a mixed media painting, often of several canvases.

Press: http://www.eltiempo.com/cultura/arte-y-teatro/el-diario-de-mr-boots-y-el-arte-como-restauracion-153870