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Steel Doors

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A sneak peek into an industrial loft that we are just wrapping up. Watch for full photographs coming soon to the WORK section of our site.


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The Monza armchair is a playful and versatile piece for various commercial and residential applications.  The chair is designed by British designer Konstantin Grcic, for which he received the 2011 Menzione d’Onore Premio Compasso d’Oro XXII  award, and is manufactured by the Italian company Plank.  The Monza collection also includes tables of varying sizes that correspond with the chair’s design.  This stackable chair’s structure is composed of lacquered wood in natural ash, black stained ash, or walnut.  As well, the polypropylenin backrest is available in black, white, traffic red, wine red, light blue, yellow, and green. monza1monza2monza3


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Keidos is a design collection of tiles by Mut Design for Enticdesign, and are inspired by the patterns and compositions created by a kaleidoscope. The tiles do not need to be fired and are made individually because they are manufactured using a traditional hydraulic technique that has existed since the 19th century. There are four different tile designs to choose from, and are available in a blue or red colour scheme. The tiles can be laid out in endless combinations so no two floors will look the same. Keidos1Keidos3Keidos4


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CRANE-IT, designed by Dutch interior designer Micaela Nardella, was created to be placed around and over an existing workspace and provide extra functional space above the desk through a system of hand-operated pulleys placed on a CNC milled plywood framework. The inspiration for the project comes from the mechanisms of cranes and industrial lifts. Each element that moves vertically is visible and over-scaled so that the pulleys, ropes, and handles become the principal components of the design. The pulley system provides extra space for pens or coffee mugs, book holders, temporary dividers, among other options. CRANE-IT offers a progressive methodology to workspaces, where the possibility of continuous

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change delivers flexibility.


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Designers Scott Eunson and Francoise Turner-Larcade blur the line between art and design with their unique and custom Sculpted Doors, which are composed of plywood. The individual designs of these doors are accomplished through the use of a CNC machine that gives the door texture, movement, and depth. The doors are available at Roseland Art & Decoration, which is owned and operated by Turner-Larcade in downtown Toronto.


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Chuck is a customizable shelving system designed by German industrial designer Natascha Harra-Frischkorn of Hafriko. The whimsical piece was inspired by the desire to create a room that could be manipulated by the user, resulting in endless individual configurations. The shelving system is composed of six bendable plywood pieces, which are anchored on both ends by two stainless steel joints. Objects then can be added between the pieces of wood, causing them to expand or contract, creating infinite unique formations with each object added or subtracted.

The summer is upon us …. A Cottage Must!

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With this brilliant eco friendly design, not only can you explore the essence of outdoor bathing. This award-winning hot tub is a pure luxury and works surprisingly simple: Wood fired with a natural circulation. With this smart construction and the sturdy, long lasting materials you can use this tub anytime, anywhere ……… There is online casinos a love seat option, in addition, you can cook on the fire while tubbing. Genius!

dutchtub-woestijn-andere-broek-kleine-versie-LRG DT4P_1080x740_1-LRG Duchtub-2p-defi-A4-LRG

Simply Put + Beautifully Designed – International Contemporary Furniture Fair Finds

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Stickbulb is a New York City based lighting manufacturer founded in 2012 by design firm RUX. Their modular LED collection is locally made, energy efficient, highly customizeable, and sustainable to its core.

The Chime Chandelier is comprised of three blackened steel rings, each varying in diameter from 2’ to 3’. Over 90 stickbulbs of varying lengths and materials (reclaimed maple, southern yellow pine, and Coney Island boardwalk ipe)

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hang from the rings on flexible ball joints.


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La Petite Rosé

A refined Bar Stool for the modern minimalist.  The frame is a achieved by bending 3/8″ steel, limiting the number of joints and creating fine uninterrupted lines. The stool is then refined with a gentle copper coating adding to it’s delicate appearance.  The seat is created in a similar manner, using one continuous loop, the intention being to simulate a piece of fabric draped across the frame.

Dimensions of Work in inches:  16.5″ deep x 16″ wide x 33″ high (back) x 27″ high (seat)