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In conjunction with CONTACT Photography Festival, the Alison Milne Gallery presents Anthony Macri’s Altered Perspectives.You are invited to the opening receptionWednesday, May 8th from 6pm-9pm. 


Altered Perspectives is Macri’s most recent body of work, as part of his on-going investigation of the transforming landscape of North American culture. Beautifully toned lith prints and solarized photographs of air crafts, oil refineries, and remnants of the once proud automobile industry reveal the disregarded conduct of North American transformation as it endures economic strife and societal shifts.

This collection of photographs exhumes skeletons of eras passed, in an ecological survey of the landscape scarred by the passage of mankind. Anthony has been chasing bone yards across the United States for six years.

Wednesday, May 8, 6pm – 9pm
MAY 8 – JUNE 22, 2013

Wednesday – Saturday, 12-6pm


A Sneak peak of what arrived off the truck today from Madrid, Spain. The works of RAFA MACARRÓN capturing the World’s innocence, and the beauty of everyday life. He will be exhibiting his first solo show in Toronto at the  Alison Milne Gallery at the end of June.


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I was so excited to attend the Opening Night of The Artists Project, that was being held at the Better Living Centre in The Exhibition Grounds.

The night was bustling with art enthusiasts and serious buyers. From 7pm onwards it was wall to wall with people.

The booth I was most drawn to and I could speak for a lot more people there was Mitchell Clark Meller’s mysterious works.

While I was admiring each piece from his earliest collection a very interested buyer came and right-on-the-spot purchased my favourite piece “Diplomatic”.

This self-taught Outsider artist discovered a dedication to painting, and turned his suffering into art. Mitchell claims he has an ‘overactive brain’, which translates into layers of acrylics, pastels, pencil, household paint, and glaze on canvas. Each painting captures his mind’s fleeting thoughts, offering the artist’s unique vision of the world through large, abstracted canvases and multi-dimensional portraiture. The resulting artworks are subconscious narratives of discontentment and critique, mockery and playfulness, or just the simplicity of being.

If anyone is interested in attending the show You can purchase tickets when you arrive. Booth 222 is all I have to say. Enjoy!

Friday 12pm – 8pm

Saturday 11am-8pm

Sunday 11am-6pm


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Toronto artist Jaclyn Shoub takes us on a journey beyond the fringes of suburbia into fragmented, fictional spaces lost somewhere between photography and painting. Her images begin as snapshots from the vantage point of passenger, driving through city outskirts.  Alison Milne Gallery proudly presents “FRINGE” by Jaclyn Shoub. Please join us for the opening reception Thursday, January 31, 6pm-9pm. RSVP to

Open Cinema

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Here’s an interactive sculpture I’ve recently come across. A collaboration by Colin Fournier, Marysia Lewandowska and London based studio NEON, Centipede Cinema is a space where passer byers can duck inside individual protruding nozzles to view a 1 hour film. Although it sits in a busy city scape Lewandowska  has used cork to set a quite viewing space. Commissioned by the 2012 European Capital of Culture as of the celebration and ‘public intervention’

Past to Present Space

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Rotor is a group of people with a common interest in the material flows with in the industry and construction. Recently they have started working on a series of projects that aim to upscale reuse practices of building materials in and around Brussels. Their exhibition Grindbakken on the docks of Ghent is a 160 meter long concrete structure that has been transformed into a muti-purpose area. The space was originally used to transport gravel and sand but is now presented as a gallery space, with the old concrete interior painted white while certain characteristics remain displayed like artwork. I think this a such a great space and through the transformation still allows visitors to still explore the story of the space .


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Please join us from 7pm – 12am for NUIT BLANCHE on Saturday, September 29th, 2012, as we feature the work of Israeli sketch artist NISSIM BEN ADERET, and screen the making of his graphic action paintings.

198 Walnut Ave., Toronto, Canada, 416.203.6266

Small Place, 2009, NISSIM BEN ADERET, Oil Marker on Canvas, 65×75”

Summer Art Show


The Alison Milne Gallery has been hard at work this last week with our summer group show.  We have an amazing mix of emerging artists whose work continues to impress me every day when I get to work.   Here are some pictures of a sculpture that is hanging in our space right now by Jessica Allen.  It’s incredible in person so please come by and take a look!


Quilted wood

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What a great exploration for the application of wood veneer. Elisa Strozyk has created this daybed which is covered in a quilted wood. Although it”s definitely a form of art rather then function the level of detail in both the natural texture of the woods as well as the quilted technique make you want to get up close to take a look at the level of detail. You can also check out a little video !